Sunday, April 15, 2007


good morning,
I am posting pictures of some pillows I have created. They go way beyond pillows that you would toss on to your couch - especially with my two little ones. But I thought I would put them up for you to check out. The abstract flowers in purples, pinks and oranges were dyed with Setacolor and then fabric paint to add some more details and additional color. I cut the fabric in half to make two matching pillows. I then went in with various threads to create flowers. Beads were done to create additional flowers. I loved how they turned out. I am thinking of putting them into a local at show. Let me know what you think.
The second pillow is a picture of my stargazer lilies. One of my favorite flowers! I used commercially dyed fabric for the background (none of which shows now!) and bleached out the area for the flowers. I then went in and painted the lilies with fabric paint and added additional details with thread and beads. I then created the "ground" with various fibers and beading. I may put this one into the show as well.
Have a great day!