Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well here is the next installment in the elements in fabric series. It is wind. I had to create clouds and a storm. I went for a great big sucker! I think I will be adding some small details to the other side like a flock of birds and some small buildings and trees.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Online Class with Linda Schmidt

I am taking an art quilting class online at Quilt University. I was so excited when I signed up and thought it would be a great way to try new techniques and ideas. Well it did just that. But it wasn't as easy as I had expected. The water piece was the hardest one for me. I have to say though, I am VERY pleased with the results. Mind you, these are not the final pieces. I am going to be making 4 quilt tops using 4 elements - water, fire, wind and earth. I am currently on wind and loving it.

So I have decided to post my works in progress. Water and fire are the first two up. Then when I have wind and earth complete, I will add them. The final lesson will be how to finish off our pieces. I will post finals pictures of all the quilts upon completion so you can see the before and after. Feel free to leave me any constructive advice.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another jean jacket

Here is a jean jacket I painted for my niece. She loved the cheetah pictures and wanted one on her jacket. It took a little time but I loved how it turned out. I painted with fabric paint and sewed cheetah fabric on the collar to finish the piece off. She wears it all the time. What a nice compliment.

Jean Jacket

So I finally found the pics of jean jackets I have done in the past and thought I would share some of them with you. I will have to break this up into several entries I think. Otherwise it might be all pictures and very few words of description. In this entry I am showing two jean jackets with closeups of the each. They were made for a friend. The first was a commission piece of her spirit guide. The image is of her guide as he came to me and it has a bear claw in the background with an eagle in flight. He is painted with fabric paints and then I beaded the necklace and added novelty yarn for the hair. I hand painted the eagle feather in his hair. The tips of the bear claws also have beads. The piece was stolen out of her car while shopping one day.
So I gave her another jacket which was of a wolf pearing from behind the tree. I also painted him using fabric paints. The tree was made from puffy paint and then painted over to add more detail to the bark. The wolf to me seems a little sad to me but I may be too attached to the piece.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My First Entry

So I officially made it into my first Quilt/Fiber/Art show! Woo-hoo.
I was unable to attend the American Sewing Expo so I asked the Quilt Art list for help. Lera Cavanaugh was kind enough to photograph my Dancing With Jelly's piece and email them to me. I am putting them up on my blog as proof! Ha-ha. I also was notified today that I will be getting my postcards back. The peacock made it into the top 50 picks. Thanks to everyone who voted for me! They are putting together an idea deck for those of you who may be interested in learning how to create postcards from fabric and fibers and various other do dads.