Thursday, September 6, 2007


I was digging through all my digital photos looking for some pieces I had photographed, but couldn't remember where my DH filed them on the computer. In the course of looking, however, I stumbled across some of my floorcloths. I painted the monarch butterfly from a small photo in a book and the peacock was from a childrens book in the library. I created him with metallic paint. I loved how they turned out.
I did sell both of these pieces. Now I miss them. But at least I have photos of them and I can share them with you guys. I have some more but I guess I will find them when looking for something else. Ha-ha

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time to vote!

Alrighty people. The time has come to vote on your favorite postcard. It's a tough choice since there are 162 entries! I have two of my postcards in there. One is Peacock and the other is Ancient III. The link to vote is posted at the bottom of this post.
Peacock was created on blue fabric and I used a rubbing plate to create the "feathers". Fabric crayons rubbed on the plate, heat set and then hand quilted on the lines in a varigated green sulky thread. I then painted the peacock body using fabric paints in regular and metallic. I beaded the top of the feathers on the head and then used gold and green sequins with blue beads to create the "eyes" in the feathers.
Ancient III was created using my rust dyed blue fabric. I used a foam stamp and fabric crayons to rub on the leaf form. I heat set it and sewed around in thread to highlight certain areas. I then sewed on small beads for added interest.

Here is the info for casting a vote:
It's time to see which cards will be featured in the 2007 Idea Deck! For registered voters, our Gallery will be transformed into a "voting booth". To cast a vote for your favorite postcard, simply click the button beneath its photo. You get only one vote and it can't be changed, so click with care!

Voter registration is easy and password-free, requiring only your email address for fairness and security. A Voter access link is your "ballot" and will be emailed to you automatically, so be sure to check your Junk Mail if the message doesn't arrive in your Inbox within a few minutes.

To limit the potential for abuse by outsiders, only 300 access links can be sent each day. The voting booth will be active until 11:59pm on Thursday, September 13, so there's plenty of time and ballots for Weekly Update subscribers, the card artists, and everyone's friends and family to cast their vote.

To register to vote go to: