Thursday, September 6, 2007


I was digging through all my digital photos looking for some pieces I had photographed, but couldn't remember where my DH filed them on the computer. In the course of looking, however, I stumbled across some of my floorcloths. I painted the monarch butterfly from a small photo in a book and the peacock was from a childrens book in the library. I created him with metallic paint. I loved how they turned out.
I did sell both of these pieces. Now I miss them. But at least I have photos of them and I can share them with you guys. I have some more but I guess I will find them when looking for something else. Ha-ha


Wild Thread Studio said...

These are beautiful, Patty! I came here after seeing your post on QuiltArt (!) and am happy I did. Your work is lovely.

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks so much Denise!