Monday, September 2, 2013

Prayer Flags

The side trade for last month, (yes I am late again) was a prayer flag. I had never done one before and stupidly went searching on the internet for examples. Well there are some beautiful examples out there and before I knew it, I was too intimidated to try. That's not entirely true. I did start but forgot what direction I was going with it and stopped. I stopped for the whole month! Deadlines are wonderful motivators to finish things off. That and school starting, a new job and less time.

The piece started with a dark painted background in indigo and burgundy. I decided it needed some more lively colors and added in lemon yellow, hot pink, lime green and sky blue. There was quite a bit of paint on that so I scratched in the words peace, hope, love and prosperity. I think that covers the bulk of prayers. I added in a metallic burgundy heart at the top but didn't want it so cutesy and added in some dark blue to add dimension. I also added additional burgundy into the background of the flags for more interest. The only thing I did wrong with this was not to make one for myself. I guess this means I have to try it again.