Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jonquil ATC

I seriously need to come out of this artistic funk I am in. Between the heat, kids swimming and allergies, I just don't seem to have any creativity left! I have stuff started or swimming in my brain but can't seem to get it moving. So the ATC trade came along and I plowed my way into it.

The trade was the color jonquil but for whatever reason, the flower was just stuck there. So I did what any hard working artist does, I went with it! The background is paper canvas painted with taupe and then a pale green. I used gel medium to adhere small squares of yellows and oranges. Originally this was going to be more abstract. The more I tried, the more it didn't work. So I sketched flowers using dark purple colored pencil and filled in the colors using oil pastels. I have to go play with them some more!  Hmm just had an idea for my Typography challenge!

The flowers were done in various shades of yellows and oranges. The background was with dark purple, sky blue and lime green. I trimmed around each with fancy scissors I swiped from my daughter and then mounted onto dark yellow card stock using orange eyelets. I love punching holes with that! The final touch was some silver, glitter dots in the center. Happy Summer!