Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Project

Between girl scouts, helping my son with homework (ISATS are coming up) kids projects, working and trying to get some challenge pieces done - I did manage to get a small piece finished. Pamela Allen's husband had medical issues requiring surgery on his heart. A. Carole Grant organized a group of us to make some "lovies" for her. I forgot about it - well put it on the back burner thinking I have all this time. She sent me an email reminder and I couldn't believe that February is almost gone!!

I jumped into action and had it completed and mailed in less than a week. That must be a record for me! Anyway, I am posting it here so you don't think I have been a total lazy slacker.

I used hand dyed fabric backing and then used left over flowers from my Voice that is Great Within Quilt. I sewed them in place and beaded the centers then stitched in flowers throughout. I found some flower sequins to add a little bling. I have to say I like how this turned out. Flowers always make people feel better. As usual, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Madelyn has been busy

I was showing my daughter something on my blog, when she noticed that I had posted her turkey picture. She was very excited that she had 4 "hits"!! So she has been on a creative streak and I have been cleaning up after her. I am so excited that one of my kids loves art!

Here is a part of the mess that created the following pictures

She was having so much fun playing with her ink pad.

She actually stamped the lid to the stamp pad and then slid it across the paper to create the blue piece.

This piece is a necklace that she made for me. It's a snowman made out of paper and she used the craft lace for a chain.

But this piece blew my mind! It is so well thought out, great colors and composition. I think this will have to be framed.

My photography skills are not doing this piece justice. And she painted it on poster board so it is curling up.