Monday, February 25, 2008

TIF February

For the Take It Further Challenge, I decided to go with the colors this month. I had been experimenting with paper fabric and making collages. I found this one and decided to use it as the start off point for my TIF piece for February.
First I took a piece of fabric and then layered white tissue paper using a watered down glue and layering. Also added colored tissue papers. Once dry, I went in with various colors of blue paint and let that dry.

Then I gathered various threads in the colors for the challenge and started accenting parts of the picture to pull out the details.

I am pretty excited about the direction this piece is going. I am also trying to work on my Voice quilt for a juried show which is due on March 15th so not sure if I will finish this in time to post at the end of the month but I will give it the old college try!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Art Bag

Wow did I have fun with this one! I have a huge bag of fabric scraps and I wanted to do something but didn't know what. So I decided to play for a while. I took some thin black felt and cut a long piece. I took fabric scraps and laid it all over the place to cover the entire background fabric. This I took some purple netting and laid it over the whole piece. Then I added a sheer fabric in blues, purples and pale orange. I sewed around the entire outside of the piece and then stitched in a wavy diagonal over the entire sandwich. I went in both directions. When done, I zapped it with a heat gun which exposed the fabric underneath. So cool!!!

I folded the fabric up and realized it would be a great art bag! I sewed lining to it and a handle I made with cording and wrapping various yarns around the handle. I also added extra pieces on the sides for my fun and funk. And here is the final piece!!

I have several more in the works but with different fabrics as the top layer. I will post when they are done!! So exciting!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Little Out of the Ordinary!

So my friend (muse) Christine, was telling me about a challenge she was given. You have to make a small quilt out of three things from your kitchen! Wow! How fun would that be??? Immediately I started collecting stuff. My creative juices were on fire and this begged to be created even though I have so many other projects ahead of it. But you know how it is, you can't move forward until you get this our of the way!!
Anyway, my juices started flowing when I read the box from my tea bags. Tea bags?! Hmm. Interesting idea. So what if . . . I took the wrappings from the tea bags and put them to the side (I love iced tea!) Then cut the tags off of 3 of the tea bags. I had the inside lid from a coffee container and a plastic bag that contained fruits!
So what does one do with such an assortment. Well they make a quilt about Tea Bags" of course!!

So I drew the women on the backs of the tea bags. I mounted them to paper towels that I used to clean my brushes when painting (dry of course!) and then to the backing fabric!

The coffee pot was made from the lid and the handle was from some fabric I made. It was a scrap and I did'nt want it to go to waste! I love how whimsical. Not sure what to do with it as I am not a member of that group but the least I can do is post for all to see (who are interested of course!!)