Monday, February 25, 2008

TIF February

For the Take It Further Challenge, I decided to go with the colors this month. I had been experimenting with paper fabric and making collages. I found this one and decided to use it as the start off point for my TIF piece for February.
First I took a piece of fabric and then layered white tissue paper using a watered down glue and layering. Also added colored tissue papers. Once dry, I went in with various colors of blue paint and let that dry.

Then I gathered various threads in the colors for the challenge and started accenting parts of the picture to pull out the details.

I am pretty excited about the direction this piece is going. I am also trying to work on my Voice quilt for a juried show which is due on March 15th so not sure if I will finish this in time to post at the end of the month but I will give it the old college try!