Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jean Jacket

So I finally found the pics of jean jackets I have done in the past and thought I would share some of them with you. I will have to break this up into several entries I think. Otherwise it might be all pictures and very few words of description. In this entry I am showing two jean jackets with closeups of the each. They were made for a friend. The first was a commission piece of her spirit guide. The image is of her guide as he came to me and it has a bear claw in the background with an eagle in flight. He is painted with fabric paints and then I beaded the necklace and added novelty yarn for the hair. I hand painted the eagle feather in his hair. The tips of the bear claws also have beads. The piece was stolen out of her car while shopping one day.
So I gave her another jacket which was of a wolf pearing from behind the tree. I also painted him using fabric paints. The tree was made from puffy paint and then painted over to add more detail to the bark. The wolf to me seems a little sad to me but I may be too attached to the piece.

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