Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day of the Dead

I have been hearing about the Day of the Dead celebrations and did a little research. I was intrigued by the celebration as I just love Halloween. I was surprised to find that it is a celebration of loved ones that have passed and the day is dedicated to their memories. It also happens to land on my son's birthday! I am usually not interested in making dolls but spirit dolls and the like are really intriguing to me.

So I decided to play with some scraps of stuff I had and this is what came out of it:

The body is made of polymer clay. I baked it to harden it and then did a wash of acrylic paint all over to give it more of a skeleton appearance. Then used a black dye pen in the crevices. The orange piece is some flower lace dyed orange and beaded in orange seed beads to simulate marigold flowers. The "clothes" are pieces of ripped sheers, and black cotton fabrics. And I added a little dragonfly charm necklace.

The best part of this happy accident is that I mistakenly used glow in the dark clay! So now I can power it up and wear it when I take the kids trick or treating!