Friday, February 23, 2007

Floral Fantasy

Here is a quilt I made for a Quilting Arts Challenge.
I created it using a paper towel dyed different colors using easter egg dye! The colors were so rich and vibrant. I also dyed fabric dryer sheets then fused them onto the quilt to create the background flowers. Then I machine quilted around each to add details and interest (and to quilt the paper towel to the fabric backing). Then added in the fabric flowers and embellishments to create my current masterpiece! Even if it doesn't make it in, I will enjoy it in my home. It is so bright and beautiful to look at. I just loves the colors. If it does get accepted, you can see it at the Quilting Arts Booth in April at the big quilt show going on the 13th through the 15th.
Wish me luck!

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