Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Good Morning,
I have three more postcards to post today.
The first is a sunset and it is featuring a new product for me. It is called textiva and it is film that is the raw material of the Angelina fibers. I used fusible interfacing to attach it to the fabric and used puffy paint to create the rocks. The sunset and clouds were paint from Jacquard. I used neopaque for the sky colors and the luminere gold for the clouds. I loved how it turned out.
The next is a contemporary look, I crinkled up the textiva and then ran a quick stitch around outside of fabric to tack it in place. Then I free motion stitched all around to create the ground and background. I added dyed fabric sheets in cut up pieces to create the trees and stitched to keep in place. Also heat bonded more bits of textiva to create additional trees. I changed the color of the ground by adding a quick hit of heat to the textiva to change the color slightly. I was almost sad to send this one off.
The last one is a waterfall using the same technique in an earlier post. I just used a yarn to create grass hanging over the edge for a little different look. Hope you liked them.
Talk to you soon

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Laurie said...

Love the sunset one. Looks like a photograph!!