Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peacocks Again

I was going through some of my digital photos and just found pictures of my art bra. I made it for a challenge a few years back. You had to make something out of a bra. So of course I did a peacock! I hope you don't think I am obsessed with peacocks (like that guy is with chickens in the commercial!!)

Sometimes inspiration strikes you in very strange ways . . . . .

The body was made from material and sewn to the middle of the bra. I painted it with luminere paints. The cups were painted with luminere as well as the feathers - which were made from a lace I found. I used a thin wire to help keep the feathers upright. A peacock feather type yarn was also sewn in to add more reality to the piece. The back was made to look like the back side of the peacock using a white fur and some actual feathers from a craft store.

Can't really wear it but it is mighty fancy!


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