Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Earnin' a Brownie Badge

I volunteered to co-lead my daughter's brownie troop. Unbeknownst to me, there ended up being 18 girls in the troop from 1st grade through 3rd. Not a big deal you say. But it is. Especially with skill sets. Big difference in what they can accomplish at a certain age. So trying to find something they all can accomplish has been a challenge. Since it is all girls, crafts always hit the mark.
They are working on a wear your art badge. So we did some t-shirt creations. All we said was that they were making their own t-shirts and they started squealing with delight. How cool is that. So with safety in mind, we opted to do a version of dyeing using bleeding art tissue. They also used the pentel dye crayons, rubbing plates, dye pens and watercolor crayons. Here are a few examples of what we accomplished yesterday:

Here's how we did it. First, I tried this out at home to see if it would work. Realized that you should dampen the t-shirt, then lay the tissue pieces down. After you have them where you want them, spray them with water again so the dye runs out onto the shirt.

Here is what I have after doing a large area. It is really wet, so I will let it dry before adding to it. The flower is from a rubbing plate. The areas with sharp edges were the pieces I tried without wetting the background first. So many possibilities.


kathy said...

Patty, these are so cool! Will the staining from the paper last through washing? Of course you can always go back and do more cool stuff to them.

Judy Alexander said...

Patty, My daughter is the leader of a Daisy troop (I am the troop grandma) and even though the girls are 5 and 6 I think they may be able to handle this. Might have to wait until spring since it is has even been cold in GA. Thanks for the great idea.

Tanya Brown said...

This is lovely!

A couple of weeks ago, you gave me some help with a piece I've been working on, a black-and-white sketch on cloth. I am remiss in not thanking you sooner, but did want to stop by and let you know how helpful your suggestions were and that I appreciate them. It helped to have confirmation of what I felt in my gut.