Monday, January 5, 2009

Awesome Gifts!

My dear friend Christine - the chick who needs to buy a vowel in Walnut Creek, made me Christmas gifts this year and I was beside myself with joy! She makes purses and sells them locally. This year she decided to gift one to me and I am so very happy to give it a good home!!

Isn't it fun? Her company name is Lily and Paris Designs. She is still working on her logo. Now that I am posting this, she is going to have to get her butt in gear and update her blog! Hee-hee

This piece is hand stitched by her and finished with marbled fabric. This is her version of a friendship ring.

I love the details in the heart. She made another piece the exact same as mine but with the heart embroidered on the opposite side. Very cool idea.

Thanks Christine!

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HockeyKitten said...

You crack me up Pea. I was thinking I will need to put your scarf & other gifts on my blog right at the point you said for me to update my blog.

I need to finish my heart piece too. Maybe I will do that today! You're the best!