Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finalist for QA Calendar!

I can't believe it but I made it into the finalist round for the Quilting Arts 2010 calendar! What an honor. And I almost didn't send it in but friends encouraged me to do it. I got my entry in right under the wire.

I happened to be on facebook when Pokey Bolton made the announcement the night before the official announcement! I screamed so loud that my son thought I had received bad news. Sorry Patrick!

They posted all the final entries on their new and improved website.

Here is my entry:

EDIT: I made it into the top 13!! Woo-hoo! I will be May in the calendar! Wow!


k baxter packwood said...

Congratulations~! Your piece is really beautiful!!!

Claudine Intner said...

Congratulations, Patty! Amazing detail on your piece!

TextileTraveler said...

Congratulations. This piece really is beautiful; I just want to touch it, and the shading is amazing. Thank you for your comment on my blog on my "heart" piece!

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks so much! I still can't believe it!

tmstewart said...

Hi Patty,
Congrats on your piece. It's gorgeous. That's amazing threadwork and I love your colors. I can see why it was chosen. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm north of Chicago, too. We may well be neighbors!

Edzellinni said...

Wow, what a gorgeous piece! I love the color, texture and motion. Congrats!!