Monday, October 26, 2009

Stamps and such

I am trying to get back into a creative groove. School starting up for the kids has thrown my schedule into the twilight zone! So we are finally settling back into a new routine and I am trying to carve out some time for myself. Soccer was canceled on Saturday which gave me time to play catch up on projects! Yeah!

So I went to work on an idea I have had rolling around in my brain for a while. My inspiration was the fields of natural prairie grasses that grow so plentiful here in the midwest. I took pictures last fall (good thing as this fall has had nothing but rain!) I bought some fabric from my good friend Katherine Sands.

Well about a year ago I bought it! Anyway, I carved some stamps this weekend and played with them in my sketchbook to get my ideas down for the composition.

Not there yet but thought I would post and get some feedback.

This has a graduated background of blues and then I stamped the grasses in three colors. I added the other stamps and realized that I could do this as a piece near water and add reflections! Another avenue I hadn't considered.

This one was a simplified version of the different grasses. But I had sketched it in with colored pencils a while ago since I hadn't done the stamps yet.

This one was created like the first but on a previously painted background in my sketchbook. The colors are blending into the background so I need to add more darks. But this was just for ideas and working out everything.

The large stamp was of a teasel weed. Didn't realize it was an invasive plant until I was at a rest stop in Illinois and saw it posted on the wall! Yikes. I first noticed them last year and thought we were getting a cool thistle with some great flowers. All it did was turn brown.


kathy said...

Patty, this is extremely cool..your stamps and the idea are awesome. Oh, there's the girl with an actual journal trying stuff out ahead of time...ha...I wish it was me! I'm just not that organized...I jot things on loose papers and then have to try to keep track of it. Can't wait to see how it turns out..keep going, Patty!

pcoxdesign said...

Ha-ha! Normally I don't. I just have one shot at this piece because I don't have a duplicate piece of fabric. So wanted to try out some ideas and make sure the stamps were working correctly! I am excited about how they look though!

Barb Forrister said...

Hi Patty,

The stamps look fantastic. Love the way you have strattled the artwork over both pages. Beautiful work.

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks Barb! Still not sure what I want to do. I have one more idea I want to try out before stamping on my fabric and I think that one will be the one I like the best.