Monday, August 2, 2010

This and That

Well I have not been as busy as I would like to be creating art but I haven't been a total slacker either. I just finished my ATC's for the latest trade - Sew What's Buggin' You? Mine are dragonflies! The write up for them is on the blog -

I am also working to get some pieces ready for submission to Art O Mat. I have two ideas but need to get them sent off and have them ok'd before I post pics. Wish me luck!


kathy said...

I see a little Angelina was called for in this one...very nice Patty! Your group must keep you busy making this many ATC's!

pcoxdesign said...

Yep! I really like the angelina film and fibers. Our group tries to get one trade done a month. We were trading every two to three weeks and it got to be a little too much.