Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Death/Rebirth - Opposites Challenge

Time for the monthly posting of my ATC trade! See the rest here: http://artsinthecards.blogspot.com

This month was Opposites. I thought it would be an easy one to do but I ended up struggling with it. I was not feeling very creative as the day before this was announced, we learned of the sudden death of my BIL Paul. My husband was devastated as he had just lost his father 8 months prior. Events like this always gives us pause to contemplate the cycle of life and other things.

Driving home from the store, my attention was caught by a dead tree spiraling quite high into the sky. It was quite striking against the blue sky with fluffy clouds. I am sure it was a very stately tree with a very interesting past - kind of like my BIL. Below the tree, there were tiny trees, shrubs and flowers growing up all around the dead tree. So that became my theme - death/rebirth. Interesting how after death, other things show up to fill the void.

I used a fabric I dyed with blue dye and a flour paste resist. The trees are made from black and white puffy paint added on top of one another. At the base of the tree, I couched green yarn to create to shrubs and silk scraps are held in place with beads to create the wildflowers. I beaded some additional sprigs of orange flowers to add to the image.

Rest in Peace Paul Cox.
Your outrageous personality and quick wit will be dearly missed.


Dale Anne Potter said...

Sympathies to you & your family.
The ATCs have lovely texture and I, also, am drawn to old dying or dead trees.

kathy said...

Patty, I am so sorry for your family's loss....and so close to the last one...somehow it doesn't seem fair...your atc's give a lovely tribute to the season of your life. Blessings,my dear.

pcoxdesign said...

Thank you ladies for your kinds words regarding my BIL. They are most appreciated. Thanks also for checking out my ATC's. Funny how quickly these were made.

Anonymous said...