Sunday, January 29, 2012

ATC - Red

This year the group is going to do colors for the trades each month. Red is the color for February - how appropriate. My piece is titled PASSION which red always seems to signal to me.
I stamped all over my batik fabric scrap (which was in shades of red, orange and brown) with a handmade stamp. The stamp reminds me of something inside our brain that is all connected. When dry, I placed a red mesh fabric from a floral arrangement, over the entire piece and free motion quilted around the stamp and filled in with different sized circles using black thread. I cut them apart and added Glossy Accents onto the stamped parts to bring out the red. I think this may be one of my favorites! I loved out it turned out.
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kids creative chaos said...

These are beautiful! I don't have the patience for batik. I also love those cardboard letters. Is this a newer blog? You need to pin it. I'll pin the letters...

pcoxdesign said...

Thank you. The batik is commercial fabric. I am actually going to start another blog just based on kid related projects I have been creating for our preschool. Thanks for checking out my work!