Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sketch to Art Quilt

When I saw the challenge in the Quilting Arts Magazine, I felt compelled to create something. I had done a zentangle sketch and used elements from the peacock to fill in the different areas. It was so cool the way it turned out and I thought it would make a great quilt and look good in color!

This was the sketch I started out using as my idea. I made photocopies of it and experimented with different color combinations.

I sketched the design on white cotton fabric and filled in the areas using, paints, dyes and dye pens.

I free motion stitched in black thread in most areas and hand stitched the smaller areas. Unfortunately it did not make the cut for the challenge. Oh well. I loved doing it! Actually, I loved this so much, that I have started a much larger version of this piece but a few color changes. Can't wait to work on it!


Edzellinni said...

Patty, this is just gorgeous. I love the black and white version too. All I can think is that maybe they were going for a real life sketch, like of a person or a pretty scene rather than a zentangle, maybe

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks Linda! Yeah I have no idea what they were looking for. I thought it was more innovative but maybe it wouldnt make a cohesive grouping. Oh well!

atlowery said...

Hello! I just came across your blog by chance and I was captivated! I loved this so much, absolutely beautiful!
- www.annalowery.blogspot.com