Monday, December 31, 2012

Gustavo, Georgie and Fib

I finally finished this piece and named it after my daughters three African fighting frogs. This piece has been in the works for over two years. I would get excited about it, work diligently and then hate it. So it would be put away until I would find it again while looking for something else. Up on the design wall, critique and then figure out what was going wrong with it. The last round was the fact I needed something in my underwater landscape. Enter the frogs.

Closeup of one frog

Here is another closeup

Final finished piece
I really love how this finally turned out. There are so many design techniques and materials that went into this that my hand would go numb typing them up for this post. Let's just say I am extremely happy with the results! Maybe I will enter it into the Celebrate Spring call for entries.

On to my next adventures. My one goal for 2013 is to finally put together a website. Another goal is to start entering my pieces into shows. I need to get back to art again.


kathy said...

Patty, this is drop-dead gorgeous!!!Yeah for you to finally finish it. It is beautimous and indeed deserves to be in a show where everyone can enjoy it! Awesome! Happy New Year, girl.

pcoxdesign said...

You are too kind! Thanks Kathy. Feels good to be creating again! Happy new year to you!