Monday, August 18, 2008

Journal Quilt - Elements

Well I was just notified that my journal quilt entry did not get juried in. Bummer. But I tried and that was a goal I made for myself this year. So I get to post it here for all who stops by.

I really had a great time making this one and experimenting with a ton of different materials. First I sketched out my design onto white cotton fabric. Then I created the large tree truck on top by using puffy paint and then dragging a stick through to create the texture. After drying, I puffed it up and painted it with acrylic paints. The bottom part was drawn with fabric dye sticks. The leaves were pink polka dot fabric, over dyed and rust dyed. I then cut out the leaf shapes and drew the veins in, sewing all down by hand. I added Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel over all to create the ice. When that was dry, I used sand paper to rough it up and cracked it in some areas. I added a wash of white acrylic paint on the outside in order to show the reflection better. The branch coming down was scraps of silk dye fabric and UTEE added for ice. The shadow was done using a black dye pen.

Someone is going to have an online show of all the quilts that didn't get in. Can't wait to see them all!!


Gisela Towner said...

Patty -- Gee, if that piece didn't get in, then the quilts that did make it in, must be really stupendous!
I feel better about being rejected now...LOL
The way you did the ice is really effective and looks wonderfully realistic. Beautiful piece!

Carole said...

Patti, this is pretty something else!!
I am intrigued with all the techniques you used.
I agree with Gisela, the ones that got in must be incredible!!
I am so glad you tried!!

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks everyone! I think it is because of the photography of this piece. Exceptionally hard with the shiny surface. So it looks a little dull. Had fun making it though. Surprisingly not upset or bothered. Gave me the push to get started on my second entry for B&W Challenge.

kathy sands said...

Patty, this is wonderful. The "release" had nothing to do with the quality of your work, I can tell. I say, the odds of getting in the show were not that good...just 1 in 3. Anyway, the online show will be smashing!