Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TIF August and other pieces

So the August TIF challenge came out and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the picture I have started, matches the color scheme! I love happy coincidences.

So I started by taking a picture of flowers in my yard. This is my climbing vine whose name has completely escaped me at the moment. I loved the closeup textural quality of the picture and wanted to see if I could capture it with watercolor crayons, thread and pentel fabric dye sticks. Not there yet but off to a good start I think.

This one is another in my series of day lily's up close and personal. I am donating it to the Art for Autism fundraiser to be held in October.


kathy sands said...

This is gorgeous, Patty. Great work.

KarenF said...

This one turned out beautifully too! I just saw it on the ANFA site...I can't wait until the sale starts!
Meanwhile, I think I'm putting watercolor crayons on my Christmas list....