Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Madelyn was in a very creative mood. We were at Michael's yesterday getting t-shirts for the Brownie's troop project for next week. For some reason, she is totally taken with styrofoam. If you have priced it lately, you will see that it is getting a little pricey. So I let her get a package of 12 1" balls and made her give me three for a project I am working on.
Once we got home, she immediately went to work on her "masterpiece". I love watching her work. She tears around the house collecting all the pieces she needs and then sits to work on the project. Here is the fruits of her labors.

Initially, I thought I was looking down into a pen of turkeys and they were looking back at me. Madelyn explained that they were turkey's and the styrofoam pieces were their eyeballs. They were hiding in water, in a fenced in area and the big square created the walls of the room. The outline around the eyeballs is their bodies. 
I asked if they were hiding so they wouldn't be available for someone's table. She looked at me like I was strange. I don't think she is equating live turkey's with the one on the table just yet. 


HockeyKitten said...

That is too cute!!! Hope you have a wonderful, drama free Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Kids are so amazing:).


Sherryl said...

This is great Patty. You really have a budding artist there.

I have nominated you as a Kreativ Blogger. Follow this link, for instructions.

Happy Thanksgiving.

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks everyone!