Monday, January 24, 2011

The sketchbook challenge

I have been sketching, I just haven't been taking pictures and uploading. I have to do things when I have a moment of free time here and there. So I am doing uploads and such at the moment with this free time. I have posted these to the Highly Prized flickr group already. Not sure if the tag worked but will see!

I posted two sketches already and here are the rest. I decided to try a zentangle. Wasn't sure what it was so I goggled it and found some examples and a quick tutorial which I can't find again. Sorry. This was great fun to do since I had time to kill while waiting for the kids at swim practice. Putting them on the swim team has forced me to have to find things to do to fill my time while waiting and I have found more time for art so this is a definite bonus. Anyway, this one was the theme of peacock of course:

The rest were sketches of some underwater sponges, corals etc. Not exact but for shape and color. I have this piece that I have been working slowly on for over a year and these will make great reference photos.


ghettosquadhero said...

wow your work is really amazing.
ever think of doing an oil painting and selling your art? i would buy a piece.

pcoxdesign said...

Thank you. I used to do oils but now I have moved into fiber and loving it. I am slowly working on a website and will eventually put my work up for sale.

kathy said...

These are awesome, girl!

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks Kathy!

mohamed said...