Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Symbols quilt finished!

Finally finished my symbols of our culture quilt challenge. We had to create a quilt based on something that was about our culture. I decided to do one based on our fixation with the rich and famous. Based on the Brittany and Paris tabloid headlines, I created this blonde haired woman larger than life using hand dyed fabrics, fabric paint and colored pencils to create details in her face. Her hair is angelina fiber sewn down by hand with metallic threads.
She is almost snotty in her demeanor. She thinks she is above everyone else including the law. The law reference is a light from a police car at the top right hand side. People are standing behind a rope to prevent them from coming near. We find ourselves gravitating towards them in spite of their obvious flaws. The figures are created by hand quilting around the figures which makes the figures pop and look three dimensional. I used colored pencils to create the figures. The rope is made from puffy paint and puffy velvet, then painted - suggestion by my friend Christine S. Thanks Christine!

The group below her is the photographers that dog their every step. They were created with crystals and beads.

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