Tuesday, January 15, 2008

True Colors Paper Quilt

So I bit the bullet and tried to create another paper quilt this year. As always, Quilting Arts throws out challenges and some speak to me more than others. This one yelled at me! I found some cheap muslin fabric and painted it in vivid oranges and yellows. After that was dry, I applied watered down glue to the surface and started laying in tissue paper in various colors to accent what I had going on. Somewhere in my mind I thought I was creating a sunset in the clouds but realized it was more of a lava flow about to erupt. This was much closer to my true colors. After I was satisfied with the look, I let it dry completely. It was so beautiful, I was afraid to touch it. Finally I bit the bullet and went for it!!
First, I accented areas with stitching in a random order but close to the same colors I had going on. Wow! Again, I was afraid to touch it. It took a full week to get back to it. I started playing around with various threads and this blue rope just jumped out at me and made the orange vibrate. I love, love love!!! orange and turquoise together. So after finding a composition I liked, I stitched it down. I use a smaller metallic thread at the top to blend the two areas together. After that came the beading. Big, chunky orange and blue beads and a bunch of different smaller accents.
The edges were finished with a navy blue stitching and a multicolored yarn.


StegArt said...

Great paper quilt. I'm hoping to come up with a quilt for the challenge too.

beadbabe49 said...

I love this color combination too...it just makes the whole piece move, doesn't it!