Monday, December 27, 2010

Faux bricks

I found the photos on my iPad. I hadn't transferred them over to my main computer. This was a really big project and took far longer than I had planned. It' s been a while since I've done a project this big.

My neighbors wanted to do a faux brick wall in their formal living room. The side wall was about ten feet and sloped down to eight. The back wall was ten feet high and I don't want to know the width. This technique is sponged on in four colors. The first takes the longest as it has to cover almost all the wall. The next two are time consuming and the final is a breeze as you just hit a few areas. The hardest part was measuring out the bricks and keeping them level and the right size. The process is a little forgiving. Finally, outline each of the bricks in the mortar color and then highlight and shadow each brick. I was exhausted when done but what an awesome looking wall if I do say so myself!


kathy said...

wOW, PAtty, I didn't know you did this kind of work...I thought you were going to do a mural or something. Great job on the looks like REAL bricks!


This is utterly amazing! You are a master!

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks everyone! It turned out amazing! I am very pleased as is the customer.