Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow Dyeing Part 2

One of the blue range. This was mixing blue, another blue and a red purple.

This was a scrap of light green fabric but I suspect it was not 100% cotton. Well I figured that before dyeing but decided to do it anyway! I like the very subtle hints of color.

These two were done with a leaf green but I was almost out of the dye so it was not very strong. But I also added a yellow and blue. These pieces remind me of geodes for some reason.

This is Maddy and my favorite! It has a little bit of all the colors.

These all seemed to be sort of the same so I lumped them together.

And because I could, I added in some white lacy flowers. They remind me of snowflakes so I may have to find a use for them!


kathy said...

Very cool Patty...what no t-shirts got blue dye? Very nice...and we do need those pastels for value, you know...I forget that cause I'm so in love with SATURATED colors!

norma said...

Yummy colors again! Those lacy flowers are scrumptious; I'm sure you'll find a use for them.

Gisela Towner said...

Oooooh -- LOVE those flowers! Very pretty

pcoxdesign said...

Thanks everyone! We had fun but my daughter was in charge of the t-shirts so no blue ones! She's hot pink all the way. After seeing the flowers done, I wish I had dyed more and in different colors.