Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dance of the Jellys

I am posting a photo of my latest creation. I hav also decided to enter it into a quilt show. The theme is Swirls, Twirls and Pearls. It was created on white fabric and I appliqued the jellyfish shape onto the background. Then I quilted the entire background by hand using silver thread. The next step was coloring the background. I layered dyes and paints until I achieved the colors I liked. Then the jellyfish themselves were painted. The fun part was then adding all the embellishments. The jelly on the left side was made from sheer fabric, cut into the shapes and handed stitched and beaded. They were also stuffed with irridescent fibers (the kind used in Easter baskets and wrapping). It was also used on the top of that jelly. The bottoms of the jelly's were made from material used to create roman shades. I dyed them and them pulled the tread to scrunch them up, stitched it to the quilt and then added beads. i couldn't find the color I needed so I painted them with irridescent paint after stitched. The top of the right hand side was white yarn, dyed to get the purple color. The litle jelly's around the quilt were created using textiva and mutlicolored fibers. It was a lot of work but I am pleased with the results. Hope you like it.

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