Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today I am posting a wall hanging I finished a few weeks ago. I created it to look like an actual waterfall with rocks and grasses etc. My camera was giving me a pretty hard time. Then I took the picture the wrong way and didn't have a program to correct the orientation. Steve finally helped me out. Thanks Steve!
I was pretty happy with the results. I created the log and the rocks out of the puffy paint and used dryer sheets to create the water cascading down. The finished piece came out far better than I had imagined. This will open the door to a lot more ideas and pieces. I have a few ideas banging around in my head. I just have to put paint to fabric and get started.
I have hit a period of burnout at the moment. School is winding down and summer is upon us so it is a little harder to get things done. I also have 6 more postcards to do and no energy to do it. Maybe when the slow pace of summer hits, I can get some things accomplished. Ha-ha.


Laurie said...

This one is my favorite!!But you knew that already!LA

ginger said...

this is wonderful!!!